Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Step By Step Guide

Designing the perfect brows for each client is a bespoke service that Tracie and her team provide using all of their combined expertise and the very finest pigments and devices sourced mainly from Germany and the USA.

Tracie’s entire reputation is not just for producing first class results but also for the care and detail which goes into every treatment. Her team of permanent makeup artists work to her demanding standards and have to have reached the pinnacle of their careers to be part of her prestigious clinic specialising in permanent makeup. When you arrive in clinic you will have the opportunity of discussing how you would like your eyebrows to look. If you are not sure, then as permanent makeup artists we will advise you of various shape and colour possibilities.

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup step 1.

Step 1

Your skin undertones will be assessed to ensure a successful colour outcome this in itself is highly skilled and takes many years to understand and perfect.

Some clients bring photos of celebrity eyebrows which they like whilst others prefer to leave it to us. Either way your eyebrows are drawn in place with pencil sometimes using measuring callipers. The dimensions are checked and you have the opportunity to become fully involved in the planning of the final shape.

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup step 2.

Step 2

At this stage the eyebrows can appear dark because of the pencil used but this is wiped away once the treatment is underway.

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup step 3.

Step 3

An anaesthetic gel is used to ensure that you are comfortable before the application process begins.

Initially you will feel a little scratching which is less uncomfortable than having your eyebrows tweezered. The scratching soon subsides and from then on the treatment is painless.Tracie Giles will work painstakingly to replicate the appearance of real hairs in the brow area gently and delicately drawing them into the skin. This part of the application can take up to one hour and is highly skilled.

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup step 4.

Step 4

You will be asked to sit up for the final adjustments which are made ‘hair by hair’ until the effect is as perfect as possible.

Your new eyebrows are complete. They will need to be re touched no sooner than 4 weeks and no later than 12 weeks from the initial treatment. At that appointment we look for colour, intensity and shape adjustments.

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup step 5.

Step 5

After your re touch appointment your permanent eyebrows should be refreshed every year. Without a yearly refresher, the colour will gradually fade away over an indefinite period of time.

The other advantage of this being a semi permanent makeup procedure is that as our faces are ageing and hair colour changes the eyebrow makeup can be adjusted to keep you looking your best from year to year. A perfect grooming essential for every woman.

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