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As a leading name in the permanent make up industry, Tracie Giles is often asked if she takes on trainees. This is impossible because of the level of high profile work undertaken by the Knightsbridge clinic and for this reason, Tracie refers all trainee enquiries to LONG-TIME-LINER® in Munich, Germany, a progressive and highly successful training academy which she trusts to teach to the very highest standards in the industry.

The LONG-TIME-LINER® name is now synonymous with permanent makeup quality throughout Europe and the company has over 20 years’ experience of permanent makeup training. A range of semi permanent make up training courses are available, including an intensive 3 week residential course leading to the basic Linergist qualification. The sheer intensity and structured nature of this residential course ensures that on leaving, the trainee is ready to produce the very highest quality of permanent makeup artistry.

LTL offer all trainees referred by Tracie Giles a very special rate for accommodation in their company flat, which is conveniently situation adjacent to the LTL Training Academy. Flights to Munich are inexpensive and easy to arrange.

As Sole UK Representative of the Long Time Liner Conture® system in the UK, and product development consultant to the company, Tracie uses the LTL system in the Tracie Giles permanent makeup clinic and believes its permanent makeup technology and training is the very best available. “As a would-be permanent makeup therapist, the quality of your initial training is absolutely crucial to your future development. Long Time Liner delivers results which are precise and beautiful and certainly among the best I have seen worldwide. As is typical of German quality, trainees are taught very specific step by step systems in order to achieve results which will set them apart from their competitors. They are also thoroughly taught in drawing and hand dexterity techniques, precision pigment placement and – vitally important – a comprehensive understanding of colour.”

Further key advantages to the LTL training include the option of progressing with advanced training to become and ‘Elite Linergist’, ongoing support whenever needed and automatic eligibility for UK insurance on completion of the initial LTL Linergist Certificate.

Once qualified, Linergists are also listed on the LTL website as recognised and fully trained LTL technicians. Many clients who contact Tracie Giles insist on the LTL method of permanent makeup and and have been referred to the clinic through the LTL website.

The LTL system runs on a single acupuncture needle in a state of the art digital pen device for the ultimate in precision. Full lip treatments can be completed in 45 minutes with minimal discomfort and retouches done as soon as two weeks after initial appointment allowing for faster treatment completion and less discomfort.

If you are interested in becoming a permanent make up therapist, you are invited to spend a free half day at the Knightsbridge clinic to see the quality of the system and the results for yourself. Tracie does occasionally offer some of the very best technicians who qualify with Long Time Liner an opportunity to work with her on a session basis at her Knightsbridge clinic. This is an invaluable opportunity for Linergists to become involved in a highly successful clinic and occasionally magazine and press work. Newly Qualified technicians are rarely ever recruited from any other company as Tracie knows Linergists from LTL are trained to an extremely high standard and can therefore be trusted to work with her clients.

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