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With new and exciting lip tattooing techniques such as Gloss and Go© full lip tint and permanent makeup Lip Liners, Tracie Giles has helped thousands of women of all ages to gain fuller and more sensual lips. Using semi permanent make up she recreates shape and colour, correcting imperfections and unevenness. These highly skilled lip treatments have a profound anti-ageing effect with an entirely natural and flattering look that brings the 'smile' back to your mouth. If age has taken away colour, shape and definition, the solution is simple. Give corners of your mouth a lift and take years off your appearance!

Tracie Giles Lip tattooing has been widely praised in magazines such as Marie Claire and The Times magazine and featured by professional beauty journals to demonstrate new techniques.

Permanent Makeup Gloss and Go© full lip tint

The highly innovative Gloss and Go© permanent make up lip treatment achieves a perfect shaped and tinted lip without a border, giving you shapely, full, sensual lips 24 hours a day...effortlessly. Soft mineral pigments are infused onto your lips with an airbrush effect so all you need to do is add a dab of lip gloss and you're good to go! Use the arrow to scroll down and read more.

Lip tattooing with permanent lip liner combined with Tracie's exclusive 'Gloss and Go©' full lip tinting technique is achieved using LONG-TIME-LINER® Munich Zurich Paris Beverly Hills bespoke mineral permanent makeup for lips. The results are outstanding and truly breathtaking.

Permanent Makeup Lip Liners

Permanent make up Lip Liners are the perfect way to transform thin or uneven lips, or lips that have lost shape and fullness with age, restoring volume and creating a perfect shape. A tint is selected from a huge range of fabulous shades, to either blend with your natural lip colour or to match your favourite cosmetic lip liner. Today, many clients prefer not to have a lip liner but a smoother shaped, symmetrical shaped mouth with the colour blushed in to avoid harsh, dated lines.

Any woman can benefit from permanent lip make up. The treatments will give you fuller lips and help to restore a youthful definition to a fading lip. Your smile will be lifted with a flattering tint that balances your lips and will make your complexion glow.

"Never underestimate the effect of a happy, perfectly shaped and softly tinted lip, it has the ability to totally rejuvenate and lift your whole lower face, making you appear happy and vibrant." Tracie Giles

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Permanent Makeup Lip Liner/Blush Treatments Permanent Makeup Lip Liner/Blush Treatments Permanent Makeup Lip Liner/Blush Treatments Permanent Makeup Lip Liner/Blush Treatments Permanent Makeup Lip Liner/Blush Treatments

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