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A full face permanent makeup treatment means you wake up every day looking your best with your eyebrows, lips and eyes professionally enhanced ... and stay immaculately made up from morning to night.

Our full face permanent make up packages offer a natural enhancement that is beneficial to all women who want to make the most of themselves. They are also ideal for women who experience allergies and sensitive skin from using cosmetics every day. Having the full face of semi permanent make up incorporates beautiful eyebrows, an eyelash enhancer and lip liner. Ideal for anyone who simply wants a hassle free start to the day!

Silver Package Basic Full Face Permanent Makeup

This fantastic, cost effective package includes eyebrows, eyelash enhancer top and bottom and a Lip Blush and Blend (lip liner with colour blend) contour treatment. It will bring out your eyes whilst brightening up your natural lip colour. The semi permanent eyelash enhancer lifts your whole face, giving you darker and thicker eye lashes. Where ordinary make up results don’t always stay in place, permanent makeup gives your eye lashes a professional make over with makeup that will stay in place all day and night! Using a carefully selected shade, the Lip liner treatment will enhance your natural skin tones. Use the arrow to scoll down and read about our Gold Package.

Price on request. Check this website for various other promotion prices and discounts which are published throughout the year.

Gold Package Full Face Permanent Makeup

This exclusive full face treatment package ensures that you get the very best out of permanent make up, especially if you would like more than one treatment. Tracie Giles Gold Permanent Make up Package includes Hair By Hair Perfect Brows, Permanent Eyeliner (top and bottom) and full lip Gloss and Go©, the innovative technique that gives your lips a subtle flush of colour, so all you need do is add a dash of gloss for perfect, unsmudgable lips. With a fantastic range of complementary shades you are sure of a stunning result!

This package includes a full home care pack exclusive to LONG-TIME-LINER® clinics ensuring that your makeup is treated to the best aftercare products.

Semi permanent eye brow treatments will give you high definition and depth. Tracie Giles and her team use a hand perfected technique with state of the art digital technology by LONG-TIME-LINER®, Nouveau Contour® and Precision Plus and only the purest mineral pigments sourced from Germany and the USA, replicating every hair strand to extend, augment and perfect the appearance of your eyebrows. Permanent eyebrow treatment is not only ideal for those who suffer with thin or missing brows but also means you can cheat your way to the celebrity brows you have admired in the glossy magazines but never thought possible. Whatever look you choose, the Tracie Giles clinic will create a realistic and natural looking brow line which will last for several years.

The permanent makeup Eye Liner available in this package defines the eye beautifully and can be as subtle or striking as you would like. Choose from a range of shades, from bold dramatic black to soft denim blue or flattering olive. All Tracie Giles semi permanent make up treatments are bespoke; the pigments are specially blended to enhance your natural colouring.

Price on request. Check this website for various other promotion prices and discounts which are published throughout the year.

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